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Welcome to Moonlight Crystals! My name is Carolina, born and raised in Colombia, currently living in sunny Miami along with my husband and kids. Moonlight Crystals was created out of love of Natural Stones and the positive impact they have on everything around them. There’s a Crystal for pretty much any circumstance life has to offer and their energy combined with our inner power can help us accomplish everything we set our intentions to. In my store you will find great quality handcrafted crystal jewelry to help you keep the good energies with you every day, everywhere you go. Remember to always wear your Crystals, we all need an energy attire!!

Adjustable Opal Ring - Karma

Manufacturer Moonlight Crystals

Adjustable Opal Rig
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Beautiful Opal Ring! Handmade, adjustable gold-filled wire wrapped ring with 2 gorgeous raw
Opal stones. Absorbent and reflective stone, it picks up thoughts and feelings, amplifies them,
and return them. A karmic stone, it teaches that what you put out comes back.
The perfect way to show your love, whether for yourself, someone special or the world around
Handmade with love. Fully adjustable from approximately a size 6 to a size 8 US/Canada.
Due to the fact that all of my rings stones are raw crystals and are hand wire wrap or weld to
each ring, your ring may differ slightly in size or color of stone or in the placement of the
wrapping wire, however I will do my best to keep it as pictured.
Each gemstone’s unique healing properties are featured on a matching card to represent the
positive energy the stones will bring to the wearer. These necklaces are made to be gifted.
Each piece comes packaged with a matching card, polishing cloth and care instructions,
making them the perfect present to ship directly to the recipient. Receipt and prices are
not included in our packaging.